VolunteerThe success of any College Application Week event relies heavily on the support of volunteers.

Recruiting Volunteers

Volunteers should be recruited from within the school and your community to provide essential event support and for volunteers to share their college experiences with students. Actively recruit volunteers by sending out a letter or email to your colleagues, alumni, local organizations, or community members. Check back for 2016 Volunteer Flyer that you can use in your recruitment efforts.

Volunteer Tasks

The Delaware College Application Month Planning Team will collaborate with site coordinators to ensure proper volunteer coverage and aid in the recruitment process. Volunteers can perform a wide variety of tasks including but not limited to:

  • Greeting students
  • Guiding students through the application process
  • Helping students apply for their FAFSA PIN
  • Reminding students to complete and submit a survey of their College Application Week experience

Volunteer Training

To best assist students, volunteers will be provided with the following prior to the event:

  • A  detailing basic information about College Application Week as well as the application process. Check back soon for the 2016 Volunteer Handbook but as a preview, here is the 2015 Volunteer Handbook for your reference!
  • A school-specific Volunteer Reference Guide, containing important information about your school’s College Application Week.
  • A link to a Volunteer Training webinar, outlining the College Application Month initiative in the state and what to expect as a volunteer.

Volunteer Survey

After the event, volunteers will be asked to complete a survey evaluating their experience.

Thanking Volunteers

Make sure volunteers feel appreciated for their valuable work. One way to encourage repeat volunteers is to send a thank you letter. This way, volunteers will be reminded of their part in ensuring that each student has the opportunity to apply to college. A sample volunteer thank you letter will be provided to use at your discretion following your College Application Week.