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First-Generation College Students & Their Parents

Kimberly Herrera

Kimberly is a sophomore at American University, pursuing a double major in film and business administration.
She discusses the challenges of being a first-generation college student, and how she prepared for the experience by doing her own research.

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Eric Hastings

Eric works as the Athletic & Teen Director at the Western Sussex Boys & Girls Club in Seaford.
He stresses the importance of financial literacy, despite how daunting it may seem.

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Shamia Turlington

Shamia is a graduate student at New York University pursuing a master’s in social work.
She talks about the benefits of choosing a college away from home, including experiencing personal growth.

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Brandon Dawson

Brandon, a freshmen at Duke University, first began thinking about going to college when he entered high school. He liked the idea of living out of state, away from a small-town atmosphere, and gaining some independence.

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Daisy Solares

Daisy Solares is a respiratory therapist at the University of Maryland Medical Center.
Daisy Solares wanted to go away to college in a different city and have the “college experience,” but the cost was prohibitive for her family. So she came up with another way to continue her education.

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