It truly takes a village to enroll students into college.

Community involvement plays an integral role in creating a college-going culture. The power of involvement comes from students seeing that members of their community — including their teachers, counselors and school administrators — want to help them reach the goal of college attendance, Sharing your own experiences and choices will expose students to new ideas and options in their paths forward.

One of the most effective ways to create a college-going culture in your school is to hold a celebration event to let your students announce what their plans are after graduation. May 1 is National Decision Day — so called because the vast majority of U.S. colleges and universities set this as the deadline for students to notify them of their decision to attend. Our Delaware schools are encouraged to plan a celebration around this date, whether it’s a separate event, or incorporated into something you already have planned.

Plan celebratory activities, even small ones!

Holding an assembly or pep rally for your seniors to announce to the entire school where they are headed creates excitement for everyone, and sets a tone of expectation for underclassman. Take a look at this video (College Signing Day), and you will see how the simple task of walking across the stage and announcing where you are going to college makes this the best day of the year for many students. Watch at least through the first 2 minutes!