Excel in college and graduate! It’s your best choice.

Delawaregoestocollege_College_Students_01College is tough. As many as 1 in 3 first-year students won’t make it back for sophomore year. Lots of reasons are to blame including the lack of money, academic pressure and homesickness.

So it’s up to you to beat the odds and learn how to excel in college. Because, the reality is that without a college degree, life is dimmer. Consider these facts compiled by

  • A high school graduate earns 84 percent less than a typical graduate from a four-year college
  • 50 percent of college dropouts have incomes lower than $35,000
  • Those without a college degree are twice as likely to be unemployed as those with one

These tips will help you stay focused!

File for FAFSA each year. You must file a FAFSA every year. Changes in your family situation must be reported as they might affect your eligibility.

Keep looking for scholarships. Don’t let concerns about paying for college keep you from getting your degree. Keep looking for scholarships even after you have enrolled. Many scholarships exist for undergraduate students and those no longer in school at all.

Look for compatible work opportunities. If you need to work as part of your financial aid package, look for opportunities in your academic field of interest. Departments and libraries are always looking for student help, thought those openings might not be as widely advertised as the more obvious ones in ding halls and dormitories.

Connect with your professors. Take the time to visit your professors and instructors during office hours. You can get more individualized attention to deal with questions you might have. Many professors enjoy getting to know their students better and offering them guidance.

Find resources at your college to address your concerns. Need a tutor to place a class? Experiencing a serious case of homesickness? Can’t seem to get yourself organized? Your college has resources and trained professionals to help you with all these problems and many more. Take advantage of free resources at your disposal to address any other issues that come up.

Take care of yourself. This is the time to eat healthy foods as college students tend to gain weight in their freshmen years Find time to exercise. In a college, you’ll find lots of activities to keep you physically active. Make sure that you also get enough sleep.