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May 1 is National Decision Day!

National Decision Day is an event sponsored by the National College Advising Corps (NCAC) to celebrate the success of high school seniors in pursuing post-secondary education. Typically, these celebrations take place on or around May 1 which coincides with the date that many institutions use as a deadline for students to make an enrollment decision.

Why is it important?

At a time when college education and/or post-secondary training is of the utmost importance with the ever-changing economy, Decision Day not only rallies support for seniors as they start a new journey but it also inspires younger high school students — especially those that may not be thinking about college for their future!

Why celebrate National Decision Day at your school?

  • To recognize students for their postsecondary endeavors
  • To rally students who have not made a decision to do so
  • To encourage younger students as they prepare for college
  • To support a college-going culture within the school

How does my school participate in National Decision Day?

Click here for a list of great ideas that you can incorporate into your school’s Decision Day celebrations. You can choose to do one of them or all of them! The specifics will depend on what works best for your school, but we encourage you to plan at least one school-wide event where students can be recognized for their future plans!