Now that you have been accepted, here are a few tasks you’ll need to do to prepare for that first day  on your college campus.

before the freshman yearBe sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete each step. If you hit a roadblock or need help over the summer, ask your parents, family, friends, high school counselors, teachers, or university admissions/financial aid officers for help.

Ten steps to prepare for college (download printable version with additional tips)

1. Visit your college’s custom portal (such as where you can create/reset your PIN, set up your email account, find forms, and check your financial aid status and important deadlines. Your username and password are usually sent with your acceptance packet or in a separate letter or email. If you can’t find them, contact your college’s admissions office.

2. Check the status of your financial aid. Check your most recent award letter and your college’s custom portal to see if there are additional steps you need to take regarding your financial aid.

3. Register for and attend your college’s new student orientation during the summer. Many colleges hold mandatory summer orientations for all new students.
Check the date for your orientation as some are held early in the summer. Register as soon as possible and check what documents you will need to bring with you to orientation. Deadline to register for orientation________________________________

4. Take any required placement exams. Check with your college to determine what placement tests you need. Some tests must be taken during the summer; others take place when you arrive in the fall. Deadline to register for placement tests___________

5. Complete any housing forms, if your college offers housing. Most require you to pay a deposit and complete a form to be eligible for on-campus housing. Some housing is limited, so do this as soon as possible. Deadline for housing forms ________________

6. Check when tuition and student fees are due. Talk with your college’s financial aid office about how to pay any balance that is left after your financial aid award. Payments due by __________________________________________________________

7. Check your college’s policy on health insurance. Each college has policies about student health insurance requirements. Know your health insurance information.

8. Submit other required paperwork and documentation. Complete and return any medical/immunization forms. Confirm with your high school counselor that your final transcript was sent to the college. If you have taken college courses, request that those transcripts are sent as well. Forms due by ______________________________________

9. Confirm move-in dates and your plan to get to campus. Move-in date ___________

10. Submit your high school transcript. If you have been awarded a Delaware Scholarship Incentive Program grant, check your email for scholarship updates from the Delaware Higher Education Office.