ABOUT | Delaware Goes to College

Every single student in our system will graduate college and career-ready with the freedom to choose his or her life’s course.

Delawaregoestocollege_About_01The Department of Education’s Higher Education Office is focused on increasing career opportunities for Delaware students by partnering with the K-12 system and the state’s colleges and universities, to increase the college enrollment rate to 60% by 2018 and clear the path towards college graduation for those students. There are four areas of focus:

  •  College Access and Success
  • College Affordability
  • Higher Education Partnerships
  • Communications

Every year, many Delaware high school students do the hard work to prepare for college or university acceptance but don’t actually go. In fact, 18 percent of Delaware’s college-ready students didn’t apply for college, according to a recent study of the Harvard Strategic Data Project.

Getting to Zero is the Department of Education’s initiative to eliminate the number of college-ready students who don’t apply for college. That is, all students who demonstrate potential to succeed in college will receive the guidance and support they need to apply, enroll, and attend a post-secondary school.